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We work with large and small companies, solopreneurs, and authors to create all forms of content, communication, and promotion. Our capacity includes designing and implementing: strategies for social and digital media; all types of e-learning programs; internal and external communication; promoting yourself as a speaker; book promotion and tours, whether self- or agency-published; media outreach; public relations; event content capture; short promotional films, and more.

We Can Grow Your Company’s Content Program

Startups: We help new companies set up a solid, doable, and affordable communications plan.

Mid-Size: We help you take your content to the next level, including setting up a strategy that reflects where you are in the market today, finding the contract talent you need to run your program, and even pulling together an in-house content team, as needed.

Established: We can help with short- and long-term goals, step in to assist with the load, help implement or improve what you already have going, and advise on any level.

We Fix Content Systems, Too

Jean has often been brought into an organization to “fix” its content systems, mostly focusing on improving processes and eliminating inefficiencies, change that can lead to meaningful budget savings. Please let us know if you’d like to learn more.

Ready to get started?

When you work with us, you access a network of journalists, editors, writers, filmmakers, researchers, and social media experts who are in the field, every day creating meaningful content that resonates. We’ll match you with the strategies and tools that are the best fit for your unique needs, and help get your message into the places you want it to be.

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